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Welcome to "God's Business," where your host Nicholas Bayerle interviews the top Christian Business owners and leaders to help you not just build a good business but execute God’s Business. In each episode, you'll hear from successful business leaders, influencers, and pastors who share their personal journeys, insights, and strategies for building and growing a business with God as their focus. Our guests come from a variety of industries and backgrounds, but they all share a common thread: a deep faith in God and a commitment to using their businesses as a vehicle for positive change in the world. Join us as we delve into the challenges and triumphs of running a business with a higher purpose, and discover how you too can create a thriving business that reflects your values and fulfill God’s call on your life. Tune in to "God's Business" and be inspired, equipped, and challenged to grow in every area of your life.
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Dec 27, 2017

In today’s episode, we are jumping into our taxes with my buddy and tax advisor, The Cash Flow Doctor, Eric Nghiem. Our taxes go towards our city, state, and country, paving roads and improving our communities. However, we’d all like to save a little bit more and put it towards growing our businesses and donating to charities of our choice. Eric Nghiem gives us some simple strategies that we can apply this tax season to save and grow our money.

Timestamped Show Notes:

  • [ 8:03 ] Entrepreneurs and Taxes
  • [ 9:07 ] Bookkeeping
  • [ 12:30 ] Filing as a Business: Getting The Most Deductions
  • [ 14:32 ] Structuring your business entity: LLC, S-Corp, C-Corp
  • [ 17:44 ] Deductions
  • [ 22:41 ] Appropriate Salary and Retirement Plans
  • [ 29:14 ] Business Sales
  • [ 40:00 ] The New Tax Bill



  • Eric highly recommends utilizing an accounting or bookkeeping system, even if it’s as simple as an excel spreadsheet, a ledger, even a basic notebook. Quickbooks and Xero are also great accounting softwares to keep your records safe, storage, and easy to navigate when it comes time for your taxes.
  • As an Entrepreneur, the first step in tackling your taxes is to make sure you have proper bookkeeping set up. This gives you a chance to also see on a daily basis where you is profits and expense.  
  • Limited liability saves your company from large liability suits, however, there is no tax benefit. S-Corp is highly recommended for most small businesses under a million dollars in revenue. Put yourself on salary with self-employment tax, but the rest of your profits will come without the self-employment tax.C-Corp is a more advanced entity, under the new tax plan it will be more beneficial than in the past.
  • Keep track of your common expenses for deductions, internet service, web hosting, personal cell phone (as long as you have a landline), vehicle expenses, mileage, meals with clients, anything that's usual, ordinary you can deduct. Make sure you leave a paper trail, use a business credit and debit cards.  


Dec 20, 2017

Today Nicholas shares an exclusive sneak peek of a training by Jim Kwik from The Billion Dollar Brotherhood. Jim Kwik is the worlds #1 memory expert, he teaches some of the top people in the world how to learn faster, retain more information, and have better quality lives because of their memory health. Jim gives us 5 items that we can use to improve our memory and lives.


Timestamped show notes:

  • [ 1:23 ] Discipline = Freedom
  • [ 2:01 ] How the Human Mind Learns
  • [ 6:38 ] Focus
  • [ 8:15 ] Brain Food
  • [ 11:15 ] ANTs and Exercise
  • [13:23 ] Mirror Neurons



  • Surround yourself with thermostats rather than thermometers. Thermometers react to the environment, they reflect the temperature of the room whereas thermostats set the temperature, they set the standard for the environment to adhere to.
  • Increase Intake of Good Brain Food: avocado, blueberries, broccoli, coconut oil, eggs, green leafy veggies, wild salmon, turmeric (lowers inflammation), walnuts, dark chocolate (good for focus and mood).
  • Kill Automatic Negative Thoughts: You are what you eat, you are what you think. Where is the gift in this? Find your dominant question or sentence. You are thinking of a question, but there is a primary question underlying.
  • Exercise: As your body moves, your brain grooves. Your body affects your mind. More physically active, the better your brain will work.
  • Supplement Brain Nutrients: Omegas, B Vitamins etc. Take supplements based on what you need.
  • Find Positive Peer Group: You are the average of the 5 people you spend time with. Not just your biological networks, it’s your social networks. Be around people that inspire, not nice but genuinely kind.
Dec 13, 2017

Today Nicholas sits down to talk with Chris Harder. Chris host’s podcast, For The Love of Money, and in today’s episode, he offers us a lot of practical and applicable things you can do to exponentially grow your income, make a bigger impact with your money and have fun while doing it.


Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • [ 2:30 ] Working with Your Significant Other.
  • [ 9:00 ] Learning from the People Around You.
  • [ 13:00 ] Material Things
  • [ 16:34 ] Podcast Inspiration: Money Mindset
  • [ 21:17 ] Experiencing Resistance
  • [ 28:38 ] Personal Growth
  • [ 35:09 ] Getting into Giving
  • [ 38:21 ] Daily Actionable Items


  • Is it easy to work with your significant other? The number one thing you have to learn is communication. When you come home you can’t communicate in a hierarchy. You have to learn what form of communication resonates with your partner. How do you want me to react? What is the best response that I can have to this question or that? At the end of the day, you are two people in love so you may get passionate or allow yourself to be short with one another. Have patience and be open to learning with each other.
  • Your ceiling is our floor: you get to take the struggles someone else has been throw and experienced and use their mistakes as a launchpad for you to bypass the mistakes and continue growing and learning. You don’t have to lose it all, you don’t have to have a giant wake up moment. If you are willing to invest in learning and listening you can avoid a lot of mistakes yourself.
  • If it is a car or a home or a certain bag that has you waking up to hustle and kick butt, as a result of hustling you can create a revenue machine, your company. Once you get the car, the bag, the house, a few things happen. Number one, you're revenue machine is up and thriving, number two, you get what you wanted and you will usually have a moment when you realize that the thing you got is cool but it’s not as cool as you originally thought, what else is there? Then you’ll be motivated to see what else you can do with your money, you’ll want to find the ways that you're an influence and impact. The ultimate reward is making an impact.
  • Most people know what they want to be doing right now but they are not moving forward for one reason or another. Many times the thing holding them back is fear, fear of being judged, fear of failure, fear of success, fear of rejection. The key is figuring out what fear is holding you back, acknowledged it, and then list all of the possible outcomes. When you take a look at all the outcomes of doing what you want to do you will realize that the worst thing that could happen is not that bad, you make your peace and learn to live with it.
  • The world needs what you have to offer. How dare you, in order to protect yourself, not share your gifts and ability with the world. When you hold back, you’re not only selling yourself short but you're also holding back on anyone who could benefit from you.
  • One of Chris’ favorite way to get into giving is to attend a high-end philanthropic gala. Find a cause you love, go to their gala, buy a couple of tickets, they will be a little bit expensive but the money goes towards that cause. Being surrounded by philanthropists and business members around you is inspirational and it’s a great time to network, all of the doers and all the influencers are there. There is a special bond created when you giving together.   


  • Entrepreneur Biographies: Losing My Virginity Richard Branson, Total Recall Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future Elon Musk, The Sell Fredrik Eklund, Jeff Bezos
  • Chris’s Podcast: For The Love Of Money
  • Get Connected with Chris: Podcast, Mastermind, Instagram.
Dec 6, 2017

Today Nicholas talks with Connor Blakely, a Gen Z business consultant, partnering with fortune 500 business and companies like Sprint, model sports, HootSuite, speaking at events and conferences, teaching them trends that will help them communicate with the next up and coming generation. Connor drops tips on how you can communicate with each generation in the marketplace and capitalize on your wealth through trend spotting.  


Time Stamped Show Notes

  • [ 2:17 ] Communicating to the Generations: Youthful Branding
  • [ 6:28 ] Youth Culture.
  • [ 9:20 ] Connor’s Backstory.
  • [ 18:18 ] Generation Changes.
  • [ 28:30 ] Applicable Brand Changes.
  • [ 30:30 ] Goals vs. Vision.



  • Create a youthful brand. Youth is synonymous with: cool, fun, relevant, culturally relevant, and engaging. The culture code for sales and business in the USA is youth, being youthful is something all generations resonate with and want to attain.. When a business or brand incorporates youthful traits in their marketing or general appeal they become more relevant, interesting, and attractive to all generations.
  • There is a new “Youth Culture” that is spanning the generations. While we used to be in a top downtrend, where older generations dictated the trends of the younger generations, we’ve reversed that and are now seeing the younger generation dictate the older. From the way technology is used, to communication, politics, entertainment, fashion trends, marketing, economics. By paying attention to culture your company can use cues from pop culture to make ads that appeal to the current trends that people are following.  
  • Double down on humanization over what you would do through digital. If you would send a tweet to a follow change it up and make it more personal. Connor’s example: As a brand, you should hire high school interns, have them go through all of your brand's social media followers and send a personal note via mail, “Hey Todd, love your sunset picture, thanks for following us.” - Send in the mail. Human connection is timeless as is communication. When you can make a genuine in person connection your filling the biggest need and desire for humanity.
  • Twitter is the most powerful tool as well as Instagram video ads. You can use keywords on Twitter to reach and connect with potential leads and clients.


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Thanks for listening,

Nicholas Bayerle

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Nov 29, 2017

In today’s episode, Nicholas sits down to talk with us about creating a Billion Dollar Body, the mindset, realization, and care required to get the best out of your body. He compares the mentalities he comes across in the health world, talks about the power of investing in yourself and give you applicable tips that you can begin applying your life today.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • [ 0:19 ] Creating a Billion Dollar Body: Realization
  • [ 3:00 ] Health = Foundation
  • [ 5:15 ] Power and Confidence
  • [ 8:00 ] Freedom: 100% Reliant on Yourself
  • [ 10:55 ] Priorities: Top Three
  • [ 13:30 ] Food Pyramid and Hormone Balance


  • The first step to creating a Billion Dollar Body is realizing that you already have one. When you realize that your body is already worth more than a billion dollars you will take the time and put in the energy to care for your body. The best investment you can make is in yourself. “Don’t wish things were easier. Wish you were better.”-Jim Rohn.
  • Motivation comes from the outside whereas inspiration is an internal and emotional connection. When Nicholas made health a cornerstone in his life he began building a foundation that would help him gain confidence and increased his self-esteem.
  • Until you figure out how you can physically create success over and over again your results will only be temporary. Finding the way to maintain your results with focused action and consistency will give you the results you want. You will find your confidence and power because no one can take your dedication and action away from you. Even if you lose everything because of outside factors you now have the key to replicate the success you have experienced, you can always grow and reinvent because no one is in control of you or your success, only you are.
  • Health: No one can do it for you. That’s the beauty of it. Your health is only reliant on you. You never have to rely on a trainer or health coach again because you have to key to your own success.   



Thanks for listening,
Nicholas Bayerle

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Nov 22, 2017

Joel Brown joins Nicholas today to talk about gaining clarity on what your vision is and how to accumulate the resources to make the visions happen. Joel Brown is a living example of how you can see your visions manifest. After putting together a ten-year vision, Joel is now in year seven of making it happen, with a goal of 10 million visits to his website, Joel now has over 136 million visits on In addition, Joel has just launched a mentorship program.


Time Stamped Show Notes

  • [ 3:34 ] Goals vs. Vision.
  • [ 9:00 ] The Law of Intention.
  • [ 11:00 ] Foundation to Building a Vision
  • [ 16:38 ] Staying on Track and Disciplined.
  • [ 26:00 ] Getting Clear on Your Purpose.
  • [ 28:00 ] Values: Making Your Vision Better
  • [ 32:00 ] Dreams Bigger than Excuses.
  • [ 35:00 ] The People You Surround Yourself With.                                            


  • Goals are good for short-term achievements, goals never achieve goals.  Vision will yield big picture success, a Vision puts you into discipline. Ask yourself: What are you good at, what do you love, what solution will you bring to the world? Align yourself with your values and use your values as your compass. Cast your vision and then reverse engineer it, what do you have to do today and every day from now on in order to see you 10-year visions manifest? Immerse yourself in you're clarity and master plan. Success is living in your potential as often as possible, in order to do that you must require yourself to be disciplined.


  • The Law of Intention: Sitting down, mapping out your vision, putting action behind your vision. Commit to what is true to you within your heart and believe in what your purpose is.  Don’t get caught up in somebody else's’ version of success. Focus on increasing the value of your vision. “I’m not talented, I’m just crazy about my mission.” When you are crazy in love with your purpose and mission, your vision will be bigger than just achieving success. Make your vision your chief aim. Don’t settle.


  • If you want to start from a place where you want to get clear on the direction you want to head in, start with your values. Look at the books you have on your shelf, look at your browser history, you're youtube views, find what inspires you. The more doubt you remove, in the end, all you will be left with is belief and faith. Make and have a list on hand of the things you have achieved that you are proud of, this is your pump-up list. Get clear on what habits you need to add or adjust. Check in with your values and stay true to them and who you are. Look for people who look to overflow you, don’t look for someone to fix, who will fix you, and don’t sacrifice who you are to be like someone else or to be someone else.  



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Nicholas Bayerle


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Nov 15, 2017

Today’s guest is a wealth advisor who leads a large community called The Successful Male and hosts a live event, The Ultimate, in Australia. Ron Malhotra has studied neuroscience, behavioral finance, and neuroeconomics. In Ron's learning and education, he has developed a passion for redefining success and helping men better their results in every area of their life. Ron and Nicholas discuss money habits, success, personal development.

Time Stamped Show Notes

  • [ 2:00 ] Money Habits: Your Relationship with Your Money.
  • [ 5:51 ] What does Success mean?
  • [ 6:50 ] Goal Setting.
  • [ 7:45 ] How did The Successful Male start?
  • [ 11:31 ] Redefining Success for Men.
  • [  17:10 ] Implementing Change for Massive Breakthrough.
  • [ 20:17 ] Knowing and Understanding How You Work.
  • [ 22:00 ] Success Principles.
  • [ 24:00 ] Heart and Mind.
  • [ 31:02 ] Self Image.
  • [ 33:00 ] Happiness is a Consequence.
  • [ 36:00 ] The Atmosphere: Surrounding Yourself with The Right People                                                    


  • Many people believe that their financial struggles are only circumstantial. 85% lottery winners become bankrupt not long after. How people think contributes to their money mindset.
  • Ron has identified 27 different components of success. Goal Setting being one of them. The problem in goal setting is that many people don’t know who they are, what their values are, strengths, their purpose, passion, and mission. When you don’t know these key things you risk setting the wrong types of goals. The 27 elements cover all the key components you need to know about yourself in order to cultivate success.
  • You must have a burning desire, in order to have the desire, you must find the things that inspire you. Many people look for things that motivate them. Motivation, which comes from an outside source, is arbitrary, you should be looking for inspiration. Anytime you are looking for inspiration, it cannot be an intellectual decision, it needs to be a heart-based decision.  Studies have actually shown that the heart has its own intelligence. Our feelings can give us a good indication as to what we were good at. Ask yourself: when did I feel like I was thriving, what would I do for free? The world puts pressure on us to make “career” choices, when you really should be making decisions based on what you are good at, based on what you love, based on what fulfills you.
  • Research has shown that we have 15000-18000 thoughts a day. But where do those thoughts come from? If you are not happy with the results you are getting, think back to how you go there. Typically your results are based on the decisions you have been making, those decisions can then be traced back to the feelings that influence those choices. Those feelings come from how you think. Your mind is programmed in a certain way which produces certain thoughts. Therefore you cannot just change your actions and expect those results to change. You must go to the root and change your mindset before you truly see any improvement in your results.
  • If you first clear your mind and define what success is to you, you will start seeing the opportunities arise because you actively focused on finding them. If you are not clear on your success you will miss out. If you do not emotionally view your success, dream about it it will not manifest for you. 


  • Success Blueprint:

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Nicholas Bayerle


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Nov 1, 2017

This week’s podcast is a special Q & A with Nicholas and Amanda Bayerle. They answer real-life questions with listeners over a Facebook Live video. They cover everything from pivotal moments in business, to the key to having a happy, healthy and thriving marriage and relationship. Nicholas and Amanda also drop in a huge announcement that you’ll definitely want to hear!

 Time Stamped Show Notes

  • [ 2:12 ] Content Creation: Generating Ideas.
  • [ 6:50 ] Bad Life vs Bad Day: Mindset.
  • [ 12:10 ] Goals and Objectives in a Relationship.
  • [ 17:18 ] Business Turning Points.
  • [ 25:23 ] Visualizing Your Dreams.                                            


  • When generating ideas or content around a specific subject you will want to look at what others have done before you, find a brain dump someone has done on that specific subject or take a look at what others in that industry are saying and writing. You biggest key is to learn from what other people have done but do it in a new and original way. Get connected in communities, find mentors and build on what they have already done. Make it a goal to make it better than before. Creative people often spend time in meditation, sometimes in silence. Learn from other creative thought leader’s processes, how they find the inspiration to create. Learn how to best communicate with your clients, find what they are spending their time on, what they like, and churn out products that fit that demographic.
  • When you face off with a bad day, unplanned, not ideal circumstances ask yourself why...why are you feeling this way, where is it coming from. “Don’t wish things were easier, wish you were better.” You get to chose what is hard, what is difficult and what is easy. You also chose how those “bad” days affect you, for better or worse. When you make a choice to grow, to become better through the “bad” days, you will see the success and growth manifest in your life. Get focused on a vision that’s bigger and greater than your problems and get after it, make it happen.
  • Knowing your strengths and weaknesses within your relationship tremendously important. When you can canvas every area of life and apply your strengths where your partner has a weakness, you are not only bettering yourself but you are also fortifying your relationship. One of you may be a visionary, while the other is the planner, in utilizing both of these strengths you can share the weight of acting on your goals and seeing them come to fruition. The utmost tool you must utilize is communication. If you can communicate powerfully with other people, your spouse or partner specifically, you will be able to accomplish more together.
  • Trial and Error. So many people talk about failure being bad. Many of us have been taught our whole lives that failure is the be all end all of success. However, this has been proven wrong time and time again. If you face failure with the mindset that it will ruin you, that you won’t continue on, that you won’t reach success, you will get exactly that. But, if you let every failure be a learning experience, an opportunity to grow, to try again, to try better, you will reach success. Because conquering every failure with new hope, drive and motivation is a success in and of itself. There is a saying that says most people fail an upwards of three times until they reach the point they want to arrive at. Be clear on your focus and mission, zero in on your “why”, on what you want, and come up with an action plan to get there.  


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Nicholas Bayerle


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Oct 25, 2017

Today’s guest is the founder of the COO Alliance, speaker and author of Meetings Suck Double Double, co-author of The Miracle Morning for Entrepreneurs, and he helped grow 1800.Junk as the COO. Cameron Herold and Nicholas talk about the importance of being who you are and having more impact in other’s lives. They discuss how the environment you have grown up in can shape your work ethic and drive throughout your life and they cover how to build relationships in a personal way. Cameron gives us a look into the successful habits he utilizes and what an entrepreneurial mindset looks like.


Time Stamped Show Notes

  • [ 2:00 ] Home environment influencing drive.
  • [ 7:00 ] 20 to Now: Self Investment
  • [ 11:05 ] Finding the cheat sheets in business and life.
  • [ 12:20 ] Building Relationships: Connecting with People.
  • [ 18:00 ] Practicing Vulnerability in Relationships
  • [ 20:40 ] Emotional Facade and Who You Are.
  • [ 29:15 ] Success Habits and Building Credibility.
  • [ 34:15 ] Entrepreneurial Mindset and Outsourcing.  
  • [ 40:00 ] Running a Business and Maintaining Your Marriage.                                                          


  • When you are looking to build relationships, be relatable, be yourself, talk about something other than work, have some interests, and be interest in other people. If you are interested in other people you become interesting.  
  • The money you make is the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with, as is your physical fitness level. Look at anybody who is fit, they hang out with fit people.
  • If you like what you see in the mirror, if you like who you are, it will resonate with others and it will leave an impact. But if you are trying to be someone else to appease others, it won't resonate. You need to lose the care you have for how other people perceive you and be happy with who you actually are.


  • Cameron Herold Ted-talk 
  • The Miracle Morning for Entrepreneurs

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Thanks for listening,

Nicholas Bayerle

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Oct 18, 2017

Today’s guest George Bryant is the co-author of the New York Times best-selling cookbook, The Paleo Kitchen, and the man behind the Civilized Caveman, the top paleo blog in the world. George and Nicholas dig deep today, talking about changing out internal perspective to not only have success but to also be able to handle our success. They discuss the self-limiting challenges that many face and how to overcome those obstacles in order to expand your experiences that will then define your success.   

Time Stamped Show Notes

  • [3:10] Building trust quickly: Authenticity.
  • [6:43] Commitment: The one mentality that has stuck with George over the years.
  • [11:25] The Four Rules, eliminating the lies of who you aren’t and surrendering your “ideals”.
  • [18:08] Seeking out what you fear most.
  • [20:02] The Power of Radical Honesty.
  • [29:30] The Fear of Success and Self Sabotage: Silencing Your Inner Critic.
  • [44:30] You're “WHY’ is greater.
  • [63:02] Being uncomfortable.                                                        


  • “Commitment is not feelings.” It doesn't matter if you’re tired, if you don’t feel good, if you don’t want to. As George said in his example of caring for his son, despite how George feels in the moment, he said, “I have to get up and tend to his (his son’s) needs. That’s commitment.”
  • “What is happening in this moment right now isn’t definite, it just is. And what happened a moment ago can’t be changed. But what I choose to do in the next moment is going to define my results one week from now, one month from now, and one year from now.” Your improvement just needs to be 1% better than what you are currently doing and you will see your results increase.
  • The Four Rules: No Fault, No Blame, No Guilt, No Shame. Why? Because the truth is if someone says something that upsets you, it has nothing to do with them and everything to do with you. You get to decide and make a choice of how those words, situation, circumstances will affect you. You are the one who will choose whether or not to put the fault on others, to pin blame, to carry the guilt, or to feel the shame. It is 100% your choice on how things impact you.
  • “You’re not in a monogamous relationship with food, there isn't any cheating only choices. Choose not to put it in your mouth next time.”
  • What you see as ideal isn’t actually the best for you. You can only see as far as you’ve grown.
  • The biggest fear in being authentic isn’t that people will judge you, it’s that you actually might succeed. When we hold on to the things we are subversively self-sabotaging. Because many think that if they don’t show up as their authentic selves they don’t have to commit to success. We are actually afraid of freedom and peace, and society supports that. If you actually accept who you are you can conquer the fear.


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Nicholas Bayerle

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Oct 11, 2017

In today’s episode, Nicholas talks about the Billionaire Mindset, how you will find more fulfillment in your success, enjoy more freedom, and yielding better results. He tackles the truths and morals that Billionaires build their lives on and what kind of clues they leave behind that you can build on. Nicholas also talks about the key to a Billionaire Mindset, the intention behind a Billionaire's success.


Time Stamped Show Notes

  • [2:42] Billionaire Mindset.
  • [3:25]  Success Leaves Clues.  
  • [5:09] Circumstance vs. Reality.
  • [6:12] Transformation through Renewing Your Mind.
  • [7:47] Giving: The Intentions of a Billionaire.                                                      


  • The most successful people in the world leaves clues of how they went from where they were to where they are now. Those clues are meant to be followed, not continually rediscovered. When someone else has done what you want to do, has created a life that you want to emulate you can learn from them or learn on your own. Chances are that if you learn on your own you’re learning the hard way, wasting time and energy. By the same token, if you are learning from someone else you’re going to be learning the smart way, getting better results faster, and you will have the opportunity to become even more successful than the person you learned from.
  • There is a big difference between circumstances and the truth of reality. You may be going through a broken season but that doesn't mean you are a broken person. No matter your circumstances, fat, broke, out of shape, these are only temporary. These circumstances are something you can choose to change. If you change your habits you can change your results.
  • You can’t “take” your way to billionaire status. You have to give. People who take will always have enough for themselves but will never have more than enough to give and add value to other people. Those with a Billionaire Mindset are always looking at how they can have MORE THAN ENOUGH so that they can GIVE to others.   

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Nicholas Bayerle

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Oct 4, 2017

Today Nicholas talks with Kyle Ingham about what it is to be a gentleman and how the ultimate man can keep to good values while still having the freedom to be innovative.  Kyle is the owner of Distilled Man, blogger and podcast host. Kyle’s mission is to help men become the best version of themselves.


Time Stamped Show Notes

  • 1:51 The Current Definition of a Gentleman.
  • 3:22 Three Actionable Skills Men Need to Cultivate.
  • 7:10 Implementing Skills Day to Day: Having Quality Male Friends, Meeting Women.
  • 14:06 Drink Etiquette: Alcohol, Coffee, Sugar.
  • 21:18 Presenting Your Best Self.
  • 26:20 Buying Clothes for Versatility or Purpose.
  • 29:45 Making A Statement.
  • 32:52 What is Etiquette?
  • 39:35 Men in the Kitchen.                                                            


  • There are three actionable skills men need to cultivate in order to be gentlemen.
  • Social Fluency and Confidence: Talking with People, Being a Good Listener, Building a Network.
  • Polish or Presentation of Yourself: Style and grooming, essentially the idea of how you show up. “How you do anything is how you do everything.” Paying attention to the overall appearance as well as the details, scuffed shows, dirty finger nails. Take pride in your appearance.
  • Lifestyle and Domestic Skills: Being a provider, making cocktails for guests, knowing how to cook, making breakfast, host a dinner or dinner party.
  • When you dive into your own interests you will meet other guy friends who are like minded. In many cases these friendships that you for when you are you're most genuine, doing what you love will then lead you to an introduction to a woman who is also like minded and has much in common with you.



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Sep 27, 2017

*** LANGUAGE is involved.

This podcast is getting to know Sean Whalen more. It's a pretty epic episode so just listen to it. Sean is real, raw and shares what his opinions are about relationships, business, and politics. 

Sep 20, 2017

Today Nicholas interviews Aaron Hinde. The former chiropractor of ten years, helped over five thousand people through his practice.  Along the way he noticed there was a need for clean, effective sports drinks. Aaron became the founder of the Inc 500 fastest growing company, LIFEaid, that has server over 1 million people worldwide. Nicholas and Aaron sit down to talk about old school mentality on careers and success, as well as having multiple entrepreneurial pursuits. He also gives us insight on his successful business partnership. Aaron also talks about how his mentors launched him into new levels of success. Aaron finishes the show off by  breaking down how to successfully scale your business and hire the right people who will push your endeavour farther.    


Time Stamped Show Notes

  • [ 2:49 ] Aaron takes us back to his childhood and talks about his beginnings.
  • [ 4:57 ] Working corporate jobs versus working for yourself.
  • [ 6:21 ]Aaron talks about his personal health background and career choice.
  • [ 8:39 ] Entrepreneurial hardships, sales and marketing experience, hiring employees.
  • [ 11:08 ] Running multiple business ventures, how past experiences can lead to new opportunities.
  • [ 14:58 ] Aaron shares his tips to successful business partnerships.
  • [ 18:32 ] Mentors: How to engage with successful people and gain mentors.
  • [ 21:42 ] Hitting business milestones.
  • [ 23:14 ] The 10,000 Dollar Day.
  • [ 26:48 ] Competition in the marketplace.
  • [ 28:30 ] Being a health conscious entrepreneur with e health focused company.
  • [ 30:15 ] Scaling and hiring, Aaron gives us resources to use as we grow our businesses.
  • [ 34:56 ] Adding a referral option to your business, involving customers.


Top Takeaways:

  • When you have a business partner it is vital to have an open line of communication, you have to check your ego at the door. You each are in this partnership because you have something to offer, you both have unique abilities. Divy up the responsibilities so that each of you are working in the areas of your strengths.    


  • No matter what niche you’re in, no matter your industry, find people who are successful and engage with them as your mentor. Find where they are, what they are selling, buy into it. Being interested in them will have them interest in you.


  • When building and scaling your business make sure your employee candidates are brand advocates, people who already believe in your company and in your product. It’s also important to be specific in your job advertizing, be very descriptive on what you are looking for and what you are not looking for. You want people who know and agree with your company's core values.

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Sep 13, 2017

During college, Partha Unnava broke his ankle and spent six weeks on crutches, leading him to found Better Walk to create a crutch that was more comfortable to the user. Since founding the company in May 2013, he has been invited to the White House to present to President Obama, been named on the 2015 Forbes 30 Under 30, been featured on CNN, and received numerous entrepreneurship awards.


Time Stamped Show Notes

  • [5:23] Partha shares what life was like growing up and the perspective he had on business and academia.
  • [7:55] A small town mentality shifts to an influencer’s mentality.
  • [10:17] From pre-med, engineering, bio chem, internships, to building a business.
  • [12:52] Partha talks about personifying yourself in your business and being authentic with yourself.
  • [16:56] Talking to the people in the marketplace, understanding the ins and out of taking a product to market.
  • [18:01] Ditching fear and becoming more efficient in your problem solving through a wealth mindset.
  • [22:40] Product belief and making your business your cause.
  • [23:54] Surrounding yourself with high-level thinkers at all costs.
  • [25:54] The two things you can control: You fitness physically and mentally.
  • [28:20] Blind Effort versus a Structured Plan.
  • [30:21] Number One tips: Health, Relationships and Business.                                                            




  • How Rich People Think



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Sep 6, 2017

In this episode Nicholas share the 3 proven steps to building a successful business. He has built one of the top mens lifestyle brands called Billion Dollar Body. 

The first three steps are: 

1. Surround yourself with like minded people 

2. How to figure our your end goals. Create your vision and lifestyle you want 

3. Use your expertise  


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Sep 1, 2017

The Billion Dollar Body Live speaker Jesse Krieger talks with us today about the pro's and con's of traditional publishing and offers a unique alternative. Jesse Krieger is a two time best selling author as well as CEO and Founder of Lifestyle Entrepreneur. He debunks the common fears and hesitations that can come about as you are thinking about writing your book. Jesse also walks us through the process of writing and publishing, everything from creating an outline to building your audience.

Time Stamped Show Notes

  • [ 2:00 ] Jesse shares with his early entrepreneur days and how he started his book.
  • [ 4:50 ] Jesse breaks down the points that have helped him build a successful business.
  • [ 6:15 ] Entrepreneur expectations and realities in publishing a book.
  • [  8:34 ] Jesse shares the reasoning behind starting a publishing company based on his experience with publishers.
  • [ 10:22 ] Most common motivators to write a book versus the most positive reasons to write a book.
  • [ 13:57 ] Debunking the fears of writing a book.
  • [ 17:02 ] Making writing your book a priority.
  • [ 17:29 ] Overview of the writing and publishing process
  • [ 27:46 ] Traditional Publisher’s Marketing and the difference with Jesse’s company.
  • [ 35:15 ] Jesse talks about the 8-week experience program.                                                                     


  1. If you feel called or compelled to write a book you should do it. It may not be easy but it will be worth while. Your book has the potential for impact and transformation, you have the opportunity to have a material impact on people's lives.
  2. Many people are waiting for “someday” to write their book but someday isn’t a day on the calendar. More often than not it takes a cataclysmic event for people to make their book a priority. But it doesn’t need to be that way. You simply have to make the decisions that your book is your priority.
  3. The journey and process of writing your book is the perfect opportunity to build your following and audience. By including your followers you build a core group of people who have been involved in your metamorphosis as an entrepreneur into a thought leader.  

Resources Mentioned:

  • Lifestyle Entrepreneur-
  • Best Sellers Summit Online-
  • Author to Entrepreneur Experience-

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Aug 23, 2017

Today we hear from former Navy Seal, Joost Jansen, as he speaks at The Billion Dollar Body Live Event. Joost talks about cultivating your motivation and inspiration, conquering both emotional and physical pain, facing fears, and having a purpose when facing obstacles. Joost puts comfort and fear on a spectrum and discusses the ideal mindset to live in as you continue to stay focused and motivated in all areas of life.


Time Stamped Show Notes

  • [ 3:58 ]  Inspiration and Motivation are very unreliable, but they are great tools if used correctly.
  • [ 5:10 ] Know yourself and know what inspires you!
  • [ 5:52 ] Joost talks about the two kinds of people in the world;  those that are motivated by positive feedback and those who aren’t interested in doing anything until someone tells them they can’t do it.
  • [ 9:55 ] Joost shares gets personal, sharing the worst day of his life and how things turned around from that point on.
  • [ 12:38 ] Every time you're in a place of pain and resolute determination you're becoming stronger for your future.
  • [ 13:50 ] Joost talks about contemplating quitting and how he recentered himself.
  • [ 15:00 ]  Most people live in a coma of comfort. Joost breaks down the degrees of fear and comfort.
  • [ 17:05 ] We learn some of the tricks Joost enforces when combating crippling fears.                                                                   


  • If you consider quitting at any point in life, with anything, let that thought only pass through momentarily. If you entertain those feelings for too long they will return and you will be inclined to act on them. As Joost says, “there has never been a guy that’s been on the fence about quitting that ever finished.”
    • “The hero and the coward feel the same. It’s how you react that makes all the difference.” When you live well within your comfort zone you will be more likely to make excuses to turn down any “uncomfortable” situation. When your ultimate goal is to be comfortable you will never find satisfaction.
    • When you encounter fear the best way to combat it is to have a purpose. Having a purpose and focus give you the determination, the tunnel vision, to accomplish and achieve your goals.

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Aug 16, 2017

An entrepreneur at heart and a fan of all things natural because of a skin condition, Jack Haldrup started Dr. Squatch Soap Co. , an all natural soap company. His mission is to offer  transparency to the men’s personal care market by providing high-quality natural alternatives to everyday products.  


In today's episode Nicholas Bayerle talks with Jack Haldrup about breaking out of the corporate realm and diving into entrepreneurship. We get to hear about Jack’s mission and vision of helping men through honest and natural skin care options. Jack also shares the “why” behind his business and that everything starts with purpose, knowing why you are doing what you are doing. He says it can change over the years, but if your purpose is strong enough it will drive you through any obstacles.


Time Stamped Show Notes

  • 2:45 Jack talks about his early entrepreneur dreams and education
  • 3:41 Jack discusses his time working in a corporate setting and the eventual burn out.
  • 6:34 A pivotal moment for Jack was on a flight from LA to Chicago.
  • 7:30 Jack shares where his motivation and inspiration came from.
  • 9:22 Your consumer knowledge can be turned into an opportunity.
  • 9:42 Partnering with manufacturers offers a hands on experience.
  • 10:15 Jack shares how he built and cultivated basic skill to keep his business simple.
  • 11:25 By making big commitments in the early stages, Jack has seen a big payoff as his business has grown.
  • 14:21 When Jack found a healthy balance he was able to aspect of his life.
  • 16:52 Jack talks about the importance of a mission driven company.
  • 18:37 Marketing in the Skincare industry.
  • 23:42 The Importance of a vision for your company’s future.
  • 25:29 Facing issues in your industry and adding value to your company.
  • 29:35 Understanding your purpose and your “why”, having a driving force.                                                                           


  1. Most important first step in transitioning into entrepreneurship is to act on your dreams and goals.
  2. As you go you will have opportunities to act on so; act fast and ask questions later.
  3. Entrepreneurship is about innovating, you can problem solve as you go.
  4. Be mission driven and know your “why”, the stronger your reasons the more likely you will be to push through every obstacle.

Resources Mentioned:

  • The Four Hour Work Week

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Aug 3, 2017

In this episode Nicholas Bayerle shares why he put on a live event, what he learned and how he did things differently in the event space. 

In Nicholas words, "Putting on this event was the hardest thing I have ever done, yet it was the most rewarding work I have ever done". 

If you have ever thought about putting on a live event before then you will want to check out this podcast because he shares some very important lessons. 

Listen to the show and learn exactly how Billion Dollar Body Live was an extremely successful event and was considered by most of the attendees "The best event they have ever attended "

Billion Dollar Body Live will be happening again in June 2018 in San Diego, so if you missed this years then mark your calendar to attend next years event. 

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Jul 26, 2017

Dr. Jay earned a B.A. with a double major in Biology and Theology from Ave Maria University in Naples, Florida, where he researched inhibitors of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).  After college, he continued to work with virus (lentivirus) in the context of brain disease for the U.S. Department of Veteran's Affairs. Next, Dr. Jay earned his Ph.D. in Biochemistry from Boston University School of Medicine, researching fats, hormones, and cholesterol, in Boston, Massachusetts. 



In this podcast we talk about head injuries of the football players (it will look like alzheimers in the brain), estrogenic products, and testosterone. 

He dives deep into estrogen, which is a sex hormone that binds to receptors in your body..
Men have a natural 20ng/l , woman have a range between 20-400 ng/l of estrogen in their body. 


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Signs your have high estrogen:

  • Man boobs
  • Fat gain
  • Depression
  • Immune system disfunction

So what are some high estrogen prodcucts??
1. Phytoestrogens- Soy and Flax are so extremely high in estrogen. Stay away from these.

2. Lavender has been shown to increase estrogen (Tip: men don’t put lavender essential oils on your skin)

3. Mycoestrogen- mold products increase estrogen, you will find it in a lot of grains here in america. Check if you house has mold , black mold is extremely toxic.
In America we don’t regulate the  mycoestrogens in our food but Europe does. What they feed cattle in America is terrible. You always want to make sure the beef is grass fed and organic, chicken organic and free range.

4. Atrazine which is an Herbacide- which are sprayed on grains. Note that this too is illegal in Europe

5. Artificial colors- Red 40, Red 3 (in europe they put a warning on the bottle if it has red 40)

6. Triclosan- it will be illegal next year (Most soap companies use it). Only use all natural soaps- Hormones go through your skin. Whatever you put on your skin you will absorb.

7. Benzophenone & 4-methylbenzylidene camphor  which is in suncreens. Make sure to use all natural zinc sunscreen . These chemicals are also are illegal in Europe

8. Parabens- these are labeled as fragrance in products. 

8. Phtallets and BPA- found in plastics . Look on the recyclable - 2,4, 5. Don’t store your oils in plastic from your essential oils to your cooking oils like coconut, olive oil. Also don’t store your food in plastic, get glass, and get a glass water bottle.

9. 7α-ethinylestradiol- This is found in birth control which is now being found is the water system, mainly in big cities that don't have good water filtration systems. 

Some tips to ridding your body currently of estrogenic hormones is by taking activated charcoal. 

Dr. Anthony Jay gave us some lifestyle tips as well from what to eat, where we should we get our water from, and so much more. 

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This podcast will rock your world. 

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Jun 28, 2017


Jim Klopman s a lifelong innovator who has always been one of those people who thinks differently. He believes balance training has sharpened his ability to make new neural connections and see the possibilities and pathways that others miss.

Originally Jim was looking for a way to maintain his own athletic performance well into his 90s. But the Slackbow Balance Training System he developed turned out to be a key to whole body and mind fitness that was even more revolutionary than he could have imagined. 

He is eager to spread his knowledge, techniques and tools far and wide to help seekers like him tune their brains to perform better in work and sports, sleep better, look younger and live longer.

In this episode he talks about: 


Why Balance training have the same effect as the meditation

How balance helps you as you get older and it helps with sports.


Keys to less back pain and better balance 

Check out Jim's site here

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Jun 14, 2017

Cory Hillis is a holistic practitioner and the founder of EMF solutions. He became passionate about cellular health and particularly the study of electromagnetic frequencies because he was having vascular issues and saw the many clients suffering. 

Cory experienced such drastic results himself and with his clients when he started providing EMF solutions that it became his mission to create better products.

So what are EMF's ??

EMF's are a photon traveling at the speed of light carrying energy. These come from wifi, cell phones, power lines, and microwaves. It's radiation at a small level and what he likes to say, "It's an invisible toxin." Wifi and cell phone power has 10x over the years. 

Common benefits people experience when protecting themselves from EMF's is: increase in strength, energy, great sleep and cleared headaches. 

You can't block an EMF because your wifi and your cell phone wouldn't work so he created products that create a field around you that stops the cellular reaction to them. 

If you feel better after a shower or on the beach, it's because it rids your body of EMF static. 

Doctors have known that an x-ray damages DNA and now even lower frequencies can damage cells too. 

This might sound like knew information but many other countries know the damages of wifi so they ban it in many places. 

Cory says, "Many people feel better when they camp and it's because they are away from electronics (electromagnetic frequencies)"


This isn't new research, it's just something the media doesn't want to talk about. 

Click here to checkout the research and studies for yourself

Scientists finally discovered a few years ago the reason why EMF's are so damaging. 

The reason I brought Cory on is because of the results and life changing experience we have had. My wife used to always have shortness of breath and start feeling sick when near a computer, which sucks because she had to be on one.

The only thing that made her feel better was being away from electronics and taking a shower. Cory told us about the research, gave us his products, and now both us feel so much better. No more shortness of breath, better sleep, more energy, and if we saw our blood work we know it would look way better.

I hope you think about this and give it a shot. We're excited to have him as a sponsor of Billion Dollar Body Live  

To get a hold of Cory you can call here  800-482- 9169

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May 31, 2017

Scott Alan Turner is a financial guru. By the time he was 35, he was 100% debt free and became a self made millionaire. He shares his story of being in student debt, car debt, credit card debt, and a mortgage to now being debt free.

His passion for finances started because of his own financial crisis, when he lost 40k in the stock market.

Scott says you must be content with what you have, more money is just icing on the cake. When you hit 75k a year, more money will not make more happiness.

He says, you will have to sacrifice at times to get you to your long term vision financially.

In this episode he shares:
  • How to get out of debt
  • Certain ways to create more cash flow
  • The biggest mistakes entrepreneurs are making in finances
  • Where to invest your money
  • How much to save depending on your goals

“Health gives me more energy , more time to focus on things like I like”

"Working out is a requirement for me"

“Spend time on things that are really important for you”

"It doesn’t matter how much you make, it matters how much you keep."


Scott shares that his fun budget is extremely high because that is what it’s important to him. He talks about how he handles finances within his marriage so there aren't fights or conflict. 

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May 24, 2017

This podcast is one my favorites because I bring on my incredible wife and first lady of The Billion Dollar Body, Amanda Bayerle. 

We dive deep into what woman want so you can have a better intimate relationship.

She shares what woman like in a man AND what is really important to them.

Amanda goes in depth on the struggles most relationships have and how she has been able to overcome them. PLUS she shares the tips to run a business as a couple. 

She talks about: 

  • Control, communication and community 
  • Book recommendations for relationships 
  • How to attract a woman and keep one 
  • The simple solution to raising your dopamine
  • Specific challenges woman need to overcome and men 

This is an important podcast for married men and those of you who are looking to get into a serious relationship. 

Also if you're looking for a supplements that is a natural T booster, will help you have better sleep and have more energy. 

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Enjoyed this podcast??

We have the honor of having Amanda speaking at our mens event to dive deep into this subject and answer YOUR questions. Grab your ticket here for Billion Dollar Body Live 


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